Persephone is one of the ancient goddesses of the Underworld. She has mommy issues, or rather, her mom does. I mean, come on – just because your daughter decides to leave home to live with her lover, you have to make a big scene. And when you are a goddess, what a scene you can make!

“Hades had NO RIGHT to marry my daughter! She is supposed to stay a mommy’s girl, in mommy’s world, forever! The ungrateful wretch! Just because he’s hot (in more ways than one), off you go to get your pomegranate seeds on with him! Well, I’ll show you! You want hot – I’ll give the world cold. Winter. No growing things. No warm sunshine. No cute little bunnies hopping around in the green grass. So there…”

“Mommmmm! Don’t be such a diva. I’m in love. Yes, he’s hot. Yes, I’ve moved in with him and yes, I’m going to get hot down under and shake my pomegranate seeds with him every chance I get! Get a grip!”

“Honey, dearest, we are getting lots of premature postmortem arrivals lately. Ever since your mom made winter permanent topside, people have been starving. And freezing. Its going to get awful crowded down here awful fast if we (meaning you) don’t do something about her. Just saying.”

“Okay mom, what’s it going to take? What! You want me to spend six months with you and six with Hades?! I don’t think Hades will be very happy about that. I know I’m not. What’s that? No, there aren’t any clothes markets in hell. No, they don’t have shoe shops. No, they don’t have lakes (not ones with water, anyway). No fancy food emporiums. No people watching in the sunlight on the piazza…OK, here’s the deal. I get my own wing in your temple, an unlimited line of credit at the shops and all the wine amphorae I can drink. You get me, for six months each year. Not one minute more. While I’m with you, you make it warm, make the sun shine, make the growing things grow and give the damn bunnies all the grass they want to frolic in. Got it?”

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