Coming Soon …  THE PORTRESS, a paranormal fantasy, wrapped up in a mystery

  • Persephone Hades, modern career woman in San Diego and no relation to the goddess (at least not that she knows of), is moving on up in her chosen career. Until she discovers her new boss, the Dean, wants more than a work relationship, which is a little sticky, as she is dating his son. Or was. Turns out the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Her boyfriend ALSO wants more than a work relationship – with his administrative assistant. After catching them using the copier in ways that were never intended, she is done with him. Unfortunately, that also means she is done with her career, as her boss doesn’t take kindly to her ‘no’, either on his OR his son’s behalf.
  • No job, no beau, no future in San Diego, as her boss took revenge by blacklisting her so now no other college in town will hire her. She moves back in with her mom, and spends a while ‘considering her options’.
  • A month into said consideration, Persephone finds out she has inherited a lovely art deco mansion currently in use as a hotel in San Antonio from her aunt, who died suddenly and in mysterious circumstances.
  • There are some strange stipulations to her inheritance. The first is a requirement to move to San Antonio and take up residence in the house for a period of at least 333 days in order to inherit. Some of the others include: don’t enter the study, stay out of the guest wing and under no circumstances are crucifixes allowed in the basement.
  • Persephone is done considering her options. She needs a life change, and, despite the weird will, she sees the inheritance as a way to start fresh, so she packs up and prepares to relocate to accept her inheritance.
  • Her mother is NOT pleased. She insists that Persephone refuse the inheritance and stay as far away from San Antonio as possible. She won’t say why, just that she won’t be getting a new life, but getting in over her head.
  • Persephone doesn’t listen, and thinks her mom is just being over dramatic.
  • Upon arrival at the mansion, Persephone comes to believe that her aunt was murdered, and determines to investigate when the police don’t seem to believe her.
  • She enlists the help of several new friends. Vincent, the charming manager of the hotel’s popular Italian restaurant; Bar, the dark and brooding hotel manager; Bess, the small but energyball of a housekeeper, plus a few others.
  • More coming soon…
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