Some things our clients have to say…

Mandy is amazing. She knows so much about dogs and has helped us improve Sadie’s life so much! She now not only looks great, she feels great! – Linda W.

I looked all over and couldn’t find someone to help me with my disabled dog, who is anxious and has seizures if he gets too worked up. Mandy was gentle and caring with him, and really took her time. Max is now clean, clipped and doing great! He actually gives her kisses when she arrives, which is amazing, as he is a grumpy old guy! – Aaron R.

I was having trouble walking my dog – he was walking me! Walks were not enjoyable, and I was afraid she would get away from me or pull me over. Mandy suggested a great new no-pull harness and worked with us to overcome Spook’s walking challenges. Walking Spook is fun now! – Sofia B.

I learned so much from Mandy…things I didn’t know about how I could make Rob’s life better! He is now eating better, his skin has cleared up and he is on a regular grooming schedule. Plus, he is shedding SOOO much less, which makes me happy, too! – Athena O.

I love, love, love having Mandy come to the house to groom my dogs. She is gentle and really takes her time. The dogs are calmer, I’m calmer, and they look the best they have ever looked. – Sandi R.

Mandy comes over every 4 weeks for nail trims on all my dogs. It makes things so easy. I don’t have to load them all in the car and drive somewhere. They actually look forward to her coming, as she brings the GOOD treats! – Carmine O.

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